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BIRM® Concentrate is an immunoregulator acting as an adjuvant in the treatment of chronic diseases related to malfunctioning of the immune system, and it can be used in diseases where the system is depressed; as well as autoimmune diseases arising from an overloaded immune system.







CREAM NACE BIRM® prepared with the same active ingredients of BIRM®, helps to regenerate skin cells and actively contributes to delay aging.













BIRM® is a product resulting from the extraction of a plant native to the Ecuadorian Amazon, technologically patented, created to balance and strengthen the immune system.





SHAMPOO VIVA BIRM® prepared with the same active ingredients of BIRM®; it protects, revitalizes and promotes regeneration, giving shine and vitality.














Patent granted to BIRM® by the United States that recognizing the originality of the product, authorizing its medicinal use in prostate cancer.

Founded by Dr. Edwin Cevallos in 1995, since the beginning he was dedicated to biotechnology research and development of products to help humanity to lead a healthy and natural life style.

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